I took a few panorama shots at the ocean bc panorama shots

Oregon coast aquarium with evanjellicent! uwu


Had Joe Biden wrapping paper custom-made for my parents Christmas presents. Totally worth it.

the boyfriend playin with my pups

while preparing for evanjellicent to arrive (in five hours) I have:

  • accidentally dumped gallons of dirty water on the floor
  • tried to turn a fan off but instead shoved my finger into the blades and bruised it all to hell
  • tried to empty the vacuum canister and ended up dumping the contents all over the wet bathroom floor
  • accidentally sprayed comet all over my face and covered my skin in hives and bleach burns

why does anyone ever let me do anything I am a health hazard


Sorry I haven’t been posting at all today I’ve been packing for my flight Saturday cause I’m finally going to go visit plasmagruntcoco at her place like all the way across the country I’m so excited omfg

get your ass over here


When you see glitches in videogames



hey guys how do you steal a coat

you jacket